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The new SG120 and SG150 from Smartgyro have been developed for larger cruisers and superyachts upto and over 95ft (29m)
The new SG120 and SG150 from Smartgyro have been developed for larger cruisers and superyachts upto and over 95ft (29m)

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METSTRADE 2022: Smartgyro Stabilization Now Available for Larger Vessels

Owners of large cruisers and superyachts up to and over 95ft (29m) can now benefit from the world’s most advanced roll reduction technology

METSTRADE, Amsterdam: 15-17 November 2022 – Stand 11.120

La Spezia, Italy, 9 November 2022 – Gyro stabilization technology specialist Smartgyro brings a new level of onboard comfort and the luxury of uninterrupted time on the water. With the introduction of the new SG120 and SG150 models, these benefits can now be delivered to a larger range of vessels.

Officially being launched to the marine industry at METSTRADE 2022, the SG120 is aimed at the 70-85ft vessel range, while the SG150 covers the 80-95ft and over range. The new units slot in neatly at the top end of the existing SG20/40/60/80 range, which covers vessels from 40-80ft. The SG range of stabilizers is ideal for new builds and refit installations on a variety of recreational powerboats, superyachts and superyacht tenders.

In addition to incorporating the most advanced roll reduction technology, the SG120 and 150 models share with the existing smaller models the time and money saving feature of being the only gyroscopic marine stabilization units on the market that can, in most cases, be serviced, maintained, and assembled directly inside the boat.

The Smartgyro units achieve this by using a unique design, which incorporates the sphere with the flywheel and base frame, negating the need for the whole gyro to be shipped back to the factory for regular servicing.

Additionally, the Smartgyro modular design philosophy means installers can effortlessly break SG series base frames down into parts, so new design opportunities are created for builders with increased potential for refit or new-build installation in vessels with small access spaces.

In common with all the gyros in the SG series, to increase overall efficiency, the flywheel of the SG 120/150 rotates in a sealed vacuum at up to 5000RPM, minimizing air drag to increase performance and reduce heat and power consumption. A built-in pressure pump automatically restores the vacuum suction after detecting any leakage or after performing maintenance on the sphere.

The SG units are liquid cooled to dissipate heat generated by the motor and spinning bearings while also cooling the inverter and hydraulic manifold.

Advanced control electronics maximize roll reduction under every sea condition using an efficient module, motion sensors and an Inertial Measuring Unit (IMU) to monitor and process real-time boat behaviour data and the flywheel speed and position. Meanwhile, the pressurized, closed loop braking system dynamically controls the gyro using hydraulic cylinders and a proportional valve.

For high-speed craft, Smartgyro units automatically lock the gyro’s counteracting forces during turns so that the gyro does not waste energy fighting the natural and desirable tendency of the vessel to bank.

Carlo Gazerro, Smartgyro Sales Manager, said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of the two largest and most powerful Smartgyro stabilizers we have ever offered to the market. The latest developments mark a significant step into the superyacht market for Smartgyro and demonstrate the future direction that we want to take by continuing to research and expand the range and break through new frontiers of marine stabilization. We are especially delighted to launch the SG120 and 150 models at METS, which take our proven, advanced gyro stabilization technologies into vessels up to 95ft.”


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Join us for the world preview of the new SG120 and SG150 stabilizers at METSTRADE, Wednesday 16 November at 12:00 on stand 11.120 in Hall 11. Please email Alexia Fountain, to confirm your attendance

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About Smartgyro – The Future of Marine Stabilization

Smartgyro is a gyro stabilization technology company with a mission to elevate the entire boating experience with its complete range of advanced gyro stabilizers. Ideal for new builds and refit installations on recreational powerboats and light-duty commercial vessels, the leading Smartgyro stabilizers offer significant performance, efficiency, installation and maintenance benefits for boat owners, vessel operators and boatbuilders. The Smartgyro range consists of the SG20, SG40, SG60, SG80, SG120 and SG150 bringing boat stabilization for vessels from 40ft to more than 95ft.

Founded in 2014 and based in La Spezia (SP), Italy, Smartgyro is backed by strategic partner YANMAR and its companies, including VETUS, Maxwell and Flexofold.

“Feel the magic” with Smartgyro. More information:

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Karen Bartlett

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