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Pieter Feenstra of Smartgyro takes a closer look at the recent SG20 installation carried out by Bonsink Aquaservice for Dutch boat owner.
Pieter Feenstra of Smartgyro takes a closer look at the recent SG20 installation carried out by Bonsink Aquaservice for Dutch boat owner.

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Smartgyro Reflect on Recent Wave of SG20 Installations Among European Boat Owners

Gyroscopic stabilization company, Smartgyro, is pleased to share two recent SG20 installations, highlighting how this model is becoming a top solution for mid-size private leisure boat owners seeking to maximize their boating enjoyment. With a growing trend in incorporating innovative technology as standard for both new installations and retrofit projects, the popularity of stabilization technology in enhancing the boating experience is growing. Boat owners are increasingly not compromising on comfort and stability onboard demonstrated in recent trends and demand.

Latest SG20 Installation for Dutch Boat Owner

A privately owned Diamond 50 vessel, Jade, has recently been upgraded with state-of-the-art marine stabilization technology from Smartgyro, in preparation for upcoming sailing voyages across Europe. Bonsink Aquaservice, a member of Smartgyro’s extensive global dealer network, recently carried out the installation of the SG20 unit and serves as a one-stop-shop for boat and watersport enthusiasts based in Zwartsluis, Netherlands.

Initially, the owner of Jade sought advice from the expert team on stabilization solutions, and the Bonsink Aquaservice team recommended the perfect solution: Smartgyro’s SG20. As a well-seasoned sailor and former captain of an inland commercial cargo vessel, the boat owner sought guaranteed stability to enjoy his ventures on the water, accompanied by his wife to the fullest ability. The installation involved creating a bespoke steel frame on the starboard stern to house the SG20 unit. This frame was custom-designed and welded to the vessel to ensure optimal performance. Additional components, including cooling elements, control panels, and cabling, were also installed.

Smartgyro provided continuous support throughout the installation process, facilitating a seamless process due to the modular design of its SG20 unit. Frederik Visser, an engineer at Bonsink Aquaservice, remarked, "Smartgyro's years of experience and craftsmanship were fully appreciated during this installation. We chose to work with Smartgyro because their high-performance levels surpass many other stabilization options."

The SG20's water-cooled, vacuum-operated design reduces power consumption, offering an efficient and environmentally friendly solution. Jade's owner was likewise delighted with the final result and the service provided throughout the installation process. Following the first trip on the Amsterdam Rhine canal, the boat owner expressed satisfaction with the stabilization achieved, commenting: "Stabilization was perfect on our first trip with the SG20. We are really pleased with its performance and are looking forward to many more enjoyable trips and time on the water thanks to Smartgyro."

To view Smartgyro’s latest video detailing the recent SG20 installation please visit: Smartgyro - YouTube

SG20 Installation on BLUEGAME 47

Similarly, Smartgyro continues to elevate the yachting experience with its latest installation of the SG20 unit on a BLUEGAME 47 yacht. Following a comprehensive refit in Italy recently, the vessel is now destined for a discerning customer based in Mallorca, Spain.

The SG20 installation on BLUEGAME 47, executed by a skilled team in Italy, achieved a seamless integration of the unit, promising unparalleled stability for its future voyages. Despite somewhat challenging weather conditions, the commissioning process in Mallorca was a success, with all equipment operating flawlessly. Reports highlighted a smooth installation process carried out from start to finish by Spanish dealer, Motonautica Balear. One notable highlight of the SG20 unit is its remarkably quiet operation, a feature that again pleasantly surprised the boat owner during initial tests. While the sea trials were postponed due to windy conditions, the team eagerly awaits the opportunity to showcase the SG20's performance on the open waters.

These recent SG20 installations across Europe underscore Smartgyro’s reputable presence in the region and the increasing preference for the SG20 among owners of smaller leisure crafts. These milestones mark a significant stride for the company, following its successful expansion into the U.S. and Australasian markets earlier this year.

Alongside celebrating their 10th anniversary milestone this year, Smartgyro look forward to exhibiting at various global boat shows this year, showcasing its SG20 unit alongside other models, providing customers worldwide with access to state-of-the-art technology and exceptional support and aftercare standards.




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About Smartgyro – The Future of Marine Stabilization

Smartgyro is a gyro stabilization technology company with a mission to elevate the entire boating experience with its complete range of advanced gyro stabilizers. Ideal for new builds and refit installations on recreational powerboats and light-duty commercial vessels, the leading Smartgyro stabilizers offer significant performance, efficiency, installation and maintenance benefits for boat owners, vessel operators and boatbuilders. The Smartgyro range consists of the SG20, SG40, SG60, SG80, SG120 and SG150 bringing boat stabilization for vessels from 40ft to more than 95ft.

Founded in 2014 and based in La Spezia (SP), Italy, Smartgyro is backed by strategic partner YANMAR and its companies, including VETUS, Maxwell and Flexofold.

“Feel the magic” with Smartgyro. More information:


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Olivia Reeve

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