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The VETUS BOW PRO Boosted Series has been expanded with two new larger VETUS BOW PRO Boosted thruster models – the BOWB180 and BOWB210
The VETUS BOW PRO Boosted Series has been expanded with two new larger VETUS BOW PRO Boosted thruster models – the BOWB180 and BOWB210

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METSTRADE 2019: VETUS Introduces New Models and Accessories in Renowned BOW PRO Thruster Range

METSTRADE 2019, November 19th to 21st, Stand 01.341

VETUS is expanding its innovative BOW PRO thruster portfolio, its highly-regarded range combining the latest thruster motor technology with the most advanced motor controller in the industry for near silent operation and precision proportional control.

Featuring all the technical advantages of the BOW PRO series, the VETUS BOW PRO Boosted Series has been expanded with two new larger VETUS BOW PRO Boosted thruster models – the BOWB180 and BOWB210.

The third connection on the motor leads the current to an internal charger, stepping up the voltage from 12 volt to 24 volt or 48 volt. This allows a 12V or 24V charging source, such as the propulsion engine alternator, to charge a 24V or 48V battery bank. The thruster battery bank will be charged any time the thruster is not being used. The latest BOW PRO thrusters models are energy efficient and have longer runtime, utilising features such as heading hold or position keeping.

VETUS is also highlighting its GRP tunnel kits to convert a BOW PRO to a STERN PRO thruster, enabling easy manoeuvring and effective countering of the wind and current.

Suitable for most transoms and available in tunnel diameters from 125mm to 400mm to cover the entire BOW PRO range, the kit is easily installed as the actual thruster motor and electric components are fitted internally to the transom of the boat, while the tunnel and propeller are installed externally on the transom.

An extension kit is available if the openings of the stern thruster are too close to the waterline.

The most powerful VETUS thruster in a 250mm tunnel, the new BOW18024D is a bow thruster providing 180 kgf on a 24V power supply.

An evolution of the C version, the thruster features the newest innovations such as temperature sensor and low noise 6-blade propeller. The BOW18024D also has a dramatically improved runtime.

With a similar flange to other models in the range, the motor can be rotated in increments of 90° for easy accessibility.

Further benefits include the single lightweight and corrosion resistant synthetic propeller for a homogeneous flow in the thruster tunnel and flexible coupling between the tailpiece and motor for reduced vibrations.

VETUS also introduces the DBPPJA combined bow and stern thruster panel for BOW PRO thrusters, enabling easy manoeuvring and simple docking.

By pushing the joystick towards the desired direction, the thrusters will work together and push the boat sideways or spin the boat on its own axis. All manoeuvres are intuitive and easy to perform.

Featuring a unique twist function to rotate the boat and a lock and hold function, the multi-axial joystick can be used to operate the thrusters either individually or simultaneously.

The double control panel features a modern waterproof housing, complimented with a stylish aluminium bezel to integrate into the helm position.

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Notes for editors

Price for the BOWB180 is €4999 (export retail price) and price for the BOWB210 is €5249 (export retail price) (ex VAT)

Prices for the GRP stern thruster kit start at €227 (ex VAT)

Prices for the stern thruster extension kit start at €141 (ex VAT)

Price for the BOW18024D is €3599 (ex VAT)

Price for the DBPPJA double thruster panel is €599 (ex VAT)

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VETUS is an internationally-renowned developer and manufacturer of complete marine product systems ̶ including engines, generators, bow thrusters and control panels ̶ for recreational craft and small commercial vessels. VETUS prides itself on innovation and the majority of the 4,000 products it supplies are part or wholly designed by its in-house engineers. Founded in 1964, VETUS has its headquarters near Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, as well as subsidiaries in 16 other countries and a worldwide distribution and service network.

All products marketed by VETUS are part of a complete system, with any connecting components also available for ease of use. VETUS strives to ensure everything it supplies is as simple to install and maintain as possible, to make life on the water more enjoyable for its customers.

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