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Alternative diesel fuels now compatible with our generators
Alternative diesel fuels now compatible with our generators

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Alternative Diesel Fuel types now compatible with Fischer Panda generators

Fischer Panda UK has announced that paraffin-based alternative diesel fuels, produced under the Fischer-Tropsch procedure and complying with the European standard EN15940, can be used for the complete diesel generator portfolio currently supplied by Fischer Panda GmbH. This has been confirmed by the Paderborn, Germany-based manufacturer and is valid for Kubota, Mitsubishi, HATZ and Fischer Panda engines. *

Sales and Marketing Director, Chris Fower of Fischer Panda UK Ltd said: “This is an exciting development for both the UK marine and automotive markets as it allows our customers to easily and readily move towards meeting ambitious UK emission targets. This will allow businesses to reduce their carbon footprints without the need for costly modifications or compromised performance with their existing systems. As many of our diesel generator customers, some with large fleets, grow concerned about the costs of converting to more environmentally friendly solutions, this announcement supports those customers with an affordable alternative. It will be a welcome development for many of our customers using our generators on their boats and vehicles.”

The following fuel types are approved:

- HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oils)

- XTL (X-To-liquid)

- BTL (Biomass-to-liquid)

- GTL (Gas-to-liquid)

- CTL (coal-to-liquid)

The use of these fuels complying with EN15940 will not require any additional maintenance or modification.

“We are experiencing a growing demand to run our generators on synthetic diesel fuel. These fuels are especially interesting, not only for their positive environmental impact but also because they reach performance levels comparable to diesel fuels and can be distributed by the existing fuel network”, says Stephan Backes, Managing Director at Fischer Panda GmbH.


Media Contacts

Chris Fower
Fischer Panda
+44 (0)1202 820840

Karen Bartlett or Charlotte Bulloch
Saltwater Stone
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About Fischer Panda UK

Fischer Panda UK Ltd offers full-system design capability, servicing, and aftercare as a leading distributor of diesel generators, air-conditioning systems, hybrid electric solutions and integrated mobile power solutions for a variety of commercial and specialist application vehicles.

Renowned worldwide as innovative, reliable and extremely quiet, the extensive Fischer Panda range of compact diesel generators includes its next generation highly efficient and powerful variable speed iSeries-Generators. Other world-class products from Fischer Panda UK include mobile power solutions working as the sole UK automotive distributor for Mastervolt and a wide range of refrigeration and air conditioning solutions as the UK exclusive distributor for Autoclima.

Fischer Panda UK was among the first companies to achieve ISO UKAS 9000:2015 accreditation and operates from a purpose-built 9,000 sq. ft facility in Verwood, Dorset.

Active in the military and automotive sectors, the company works with UK MOD and other military units around the world providing solutions for specialist vehicle and land-based applications. Two-thirds of Formula 1 mobile truck units install Fischer Panda generators, as do the BBC, Sky and many other mobile broadcasting vehicles.

Operating since 1977, Fischer Panda GmbH is headquartered in Paderborn, Germany. The Fischer Panda team covers more than 500 technicians and partners in over 90 countries worldwide.

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