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The ACR Bivy Stick is the smallest, most simple communication device in the world
The ACR Bivy Stick is the smallest, most simple communication device in the world

Press release -

ACR Electronics Announces International Expansion for Bivy Stick and New GroupTrack Feature

ACR Electronics has announced that users of its Bivy Stick satellite communication devices can access a new GroupTrack feature. With Bivy and ACR Electronics also confirming expansion into international markets, the enhanced device and Bivy app can now ignite countless adventures and help people across the world find, track, and share their ocean and outdoor adventures.

The extra feature allows users to send position updates directly from one GroupTrack enabled device to another. When enabled, all users in a group can view the locations of other enabled devices on a paired mobile device. With seamless receival and transmission between cell, wifi, or satellite, GroupTrack users can keep their party updated and in constant communication.

To support the launch of the new feature, Bivy Stick users with the Plus or Unlimited plans will be able to access and use the new GroupTrack feature at no additional cost for the first 30 days with up to 8 users during the trial period. At the completion of the GroupTrack trial period, users can continue with the GroupTrack feature or cancel.

Additionally, ACR Electronics and Bivy Stick are introducing a new Premium Data Plan that will include the GroupTrack feature for groups up to 12 users. GroupTrack will be exclusive to customers enrolled in the Premium plan. The new data plans pricing is:

  • Basic Monthly €19.99 (£19.99) / Basic Annual €14.99 (£14.99)
  • Plus Monthly €34.99 (£29.99) / Plus Annual €29.99 (£24.99)
  • Unlimited Monthly €64.99 (£59.99) / Unlimited Annual €54.99 (£44.99)
  • NEW Premium Monthly €74.99 (£64.99) / NEW Premium Annual €64.99 (£54.99)

New Bivy Stick users will be able to immediately access and use their device's features with a four-month required period of the brand's ‘Plus’, ‘Unlimited’ or ‘Premium’ plans starting at only €34.99 (£29.99) per month. The ‘Plus’ pricing plan offers users 80 credits per month and will continue to allow for the rollover of unused credits. At the completion of the four-month trial period, users will have the choice of continuing their current plan, changing to the Basic plan, or suspend their service until the next time they need it. This flexibility allows users to only pay for the months they need it or have the device ready and active in case of emergency.

The Bivy Stick satellite communication device is the smallest, most simple communication device in the world and works conveniently with users’ existing smartphones to efficiently send a message, share a location, get a weather report, or initiate an SOS while adventuring off-grid. The Bivy Stick device has an SSP of €327 (£279).

  • 2-way text satellite communication
  • No Activation Fees and roll over credits
  • Able to send text messages to phone numbers or email addresses
  • Location sharing and tracking
  • SOS communication through the app or with dedicated button on the device
  • Check-in button on device sends preset message and location
  • Only weighs 100g
  • High-power antenna for more frequent and reliable communication
  • IPX7 ingress protection rating
  • Compatible with all GoPro®* mounts
  • 100% global satellite coverage - works anywhere you can see the sky
  • Free location sharing and preset messages
  • Seamless transmission of messages through cellular, Wifi, or satellite

SOS communication service is provided by Global Rescue, an industry leader, providing 24/7/365 medical, security, evacuation, travel risk and crisis management services to travelers around the world. Bivy members in need of help in an emergency can reach Global Rescue through their Bivy device and receive assistance or evacuation.

Bivy Stick is the perfect complement to the kit list of boaters, kayakers and paddlers, backpackers, mountain bikers, hunters and fisherman, off-highway vehicle (OHV) users, skiers and snowboarders, global travelers and/or anyone accessing remote terrain.

More information regarding the ACR Electronics’ complete line of products can be found at


*This product and/or service is not affiliated with, endorsed by or in any way associated with GoPro Inc. or its products and services. GoPro, HERO and their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of GoPro, Inc.

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Mikele D’Arcangelo
ACR Electronics
+1 954-862-2115

Jules Riegal
Saltwater Stone
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ACR Electronics operates within the ACR Group of companies, which spans a portfolio of brands including Bivy, ARTEX, Ocean Signal, United Moulders Ltd (UML), SKYTRAC Systems, Flight Data Systems, Latitude Technologies, NAL Research, and FreeFlight Systems. ACR Electronics is the foremost development center for emergency beacons that are designed with one purpose: to save lives. For more information go to

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